How much does it cost to rent canoes and boats?

  • Canoes: 20 €/6 hours and 40 €/24 hours.
    • Transport service by agreement. 
  • Kayaks: 10 €/6 hours and 20 €/24 hours.
  • Boats: 10 €/6 hours and 20 €/24 hours.

Reservations can be made at Hossa Visitor Centre.

How much do fishing permits for Hossa waters cost?

  • Permit 5502 (www.erä the Hossa area
    • Fishing Season
      (at Hossanjoki 1.5. - 10.9., note also trout protection on rivers 11.9. - 15.11.)
      • 12 €/24 hours,
      • 18 €/24 hours
      • 90 €/week
  • Persons under the age of 18 pay only 50% of the permit's price.
  • Persons under the age of 15 can fish with their guardians permit, keeping to its catch quota.
  • A family permit costs 2 times that of an individual permit and the catch quota is double that of an individual permit.

When is Hossa Visitor Centre open?

See the Hossa Visitor Centre opening hours.

Where are the closest shops to buy food?

  • The closest shop is in Juntusranta Village 30 km south of Hossa. The shop in the village is open Mon. to Thurs. 9 am - 5 pm, Fri 9 am - 5.30 pm and Sat 9 am - 1 pm. In July the shop is also open on Sundays.
  • There are several larger department stores in Kuusamo 85 km north of Hossa.

Where are the closest fuel distribution point and the closest ATM?

  • There is a petrol station 30 km south of Hossa in Juntusranta Village. There is no automat and the station is not open during the night.
  • The closest banks and ATMs are in Kuusamo, 85 km away, and in Suomussalmi, 100 km away. 

Hossa waters are clear. Photo: Sini Salmirinne / MetsähallitusWhat is the water situation on the canoe routes and when is a good time to go boating and canoeing?

The best time to canoe in Hossa is early spring, when the waters are high. Summers differ from year to year. When there is plenty of rain the water level is high enough for canoeing, but during dry summers canoe routes are limited to only a few. We recommend you use plastic canoes as they are not as easily damaged but touching bottom. The rental canoes are all plastic.

  • Peranka Canoe Route is usually good for canoeing always. During dry summers it is a good idea to start canoe excursions at the east end of the River Peranganjoki.
  • The rapids in the River Hossanjoki are rocky. We recommend that you do not canoe down this river during dry seasons unless you are very experienced. A good starting point for a canoe excursion on the River Hossanjoki is at the River Matalajoki.
  • Iijoki Canoe Route is always safe to canoe downstream starting at the River Sakkojoki bridge.
  • Somero Canoe Route tends to dry up the fastest of all the routes. During dry seasons good starting points are at Lihapyörre parking area or Lake Laukkujärvi. You can get to Lake Laukkujärvi by dragging your canoe from Lihapyörre or from the road to Julma-Ölkky on the Kuusamo side of the lake.
    The lake portions of the routes always have enough water for canoeing.

For more information contact Hossa Visitor Centre. More information can be found on the Hossa Canoieng Routes website.

What are the cabins in Hossa National Park like?

  • There are 15 rental cabins in Hossa National Park.
    • The Pikku-Hossa is for 2 persons. Hut has a fireplace, a gas stove, a cellar, a sauna, an outhouse and a boat. Drinking water from the Visitor Centre or nearby well.
    • The Hossanki is for 4 persons. Hut has a heating oven, a gas stove, a cellar, a sauna, an outhouse and a boat.
    • The HirvastupaPeurapirttiLounatkoski, Iikoski and Hossaari huts are for 6 persons. They each have a heating oven, a gas stove, a cellar, a sauna, an outhouse and a boat.  
    • The Huosiusjärvi cabin is for 8 persons. It has a heating oven, a cellar, a gas stove, a sauna and a boat.
    • The Hossan hoikka is for 6 persons and it situates in an island near the Hossa village. Cabin has electricity, a sauna, a boat and an outhouse. Drinking water from lake or the Visitor Centre.
    • Hossan hoikka, Huosiusjärvi and Iikoski cabins can be rent at web page Write "Hossa" to the field of "province".
    • The Tolosenvirta hut is for 9 persons. It has electricity and luxuries such as a fireplace, a TV, a shore-side sauna and a boat.
    • Jatkonsalmi huts consist of the Teräväpää hut, which can house 12 persons, and Pääpirtti, which can house 28 persons. Both cabins have electricity and many luxuries. The Pääpirtti hut is suited for and camps and schooling purposes. The two cabins are situated next to each other and share a sauna, a grill shelter, a smoking oven, and boats. The cabins can be rented together or separately. Note! No TV!
    • There are 4 log cabins at Karhunkainalo Camping Ground. These cabins have electricity, a refrigerator, a stove, a dish washer, a microwave, a TV, a radio, a heating oven/fireplace, a drying cupboard, an indoor toilet, and a shower. Persons staying in these cabins may use the sauna in the main building of the camping ground.
    • Reservations of Jatkonsalmi, Tolosenvirta and Karhunkainalo cabins from Hossa Visitor Centre.

There is also a hotel and several resorts in the surrounding area. More information can be found on the websites of Municipality of Suomussalmi ( and Hossa (