What's Currently Happening in Hiidenportti National Park 

The Palolampi well is at use again

(Updated 17.10.2018) 
The well at the Palolampi information point can be used again. The well got dry because of the exceptionally dry summer season. The surface of the ground water has now risen, and rangers have installed a new pump. 

Palolampi Rental Hut at your use 

(Updated 25.5.2018)  
Palolampi Rental Hut is located in the northwestern corner of Hiidenportti National Park next to the park's main information point and it can be rented for private use by a price of only 40 €/day.

The hut is not meant for overnight stays. There is room for approx. 25 people and it contains a main room and a kitchen. There is a gas cooker and a gas refrigerator, and crockery and cooking utensils are available in the kitchen.

Reserevation of the Palolampi Rental Hut can be made at the Eräluvat web store or by calling the Eräluvat nationwide service number +358 20 69 2424.
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