Jyppyrä Hill

Jyppyrävaara Hill, which rises to 400 m above sea-level, is located right next to the village of Hetta. In earlier times Jyppyrä was considered a place of worship. According to word of mouth a seita rock which was at the top of the hill during the 1800s has rolled into Lake Ounasjärvi. Today there is a nature trail which features the area's history is on the hill. The trail sets off from Fell Lapland Nature Centre. There is a viewpoint with a campfire shelter at the top of Jyppyrä Hill.

Peurapolku Trail

Peurapolku Trail, a nature trail which features the history of wild forest reindeer hunting, has its starting point at Skierri. There is a restored hole trap on the trail as well as some old remains of other hole traps. A picket fence which hunters used to catch wild reindeers runs along the trail.

On the Peurapolku Trail. Photo: Maarit Kyöstilä

Lake Pahtajärvi

Lake Pahtajärvi is a long and narrow lake which flows in a gorge on the north side of Hetta. There are steep cliff walls on both side of the lake. During winter a skiing trail leads across the lake and during summer hikers can admire the area from Pahtajärvi Trail. The distance from Hetta to the lake along this trail is 5 km.

Pyhäkero Fell and the Open Wilderness Hut

Pyhäkero open wilderness hut is located at the north end of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park at the foot of Pyhäkero Fell 7 km from Lake Ounasjärvi. Visitors can rest in the hut before climbing to the top of Pyhäkero, the signature fell of the Ounastunturi fell chain. On the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi by Pyhäkero visitors can find remains one of the fell area's first tourist lodges dating back to the 1930s. Today only its foundations are left.

On the Hetta - Pallas Trail. Photo: Maarit Kyöstilä

Yrjö Kokko Bird Watching Tower

Yrjö Kokko bird watching tower (www.tosilappi.fi) is located approximately 10 km from the village of Hetta by road 956. It is situated by a pool where the river Vanhajoki flows into the River Ounasjoki. In the tower visitors can read about the local birdlife in the words of Yrjö Kokko (1903-1977), a famous Finnish writer, scientist and nature lover. There is a lean-to shelter next to the tower.

Sotkajärvi Bird Watching Tower

Sotkajärvi bird watching tower (www.tosilappi.fi) is situated on the shore of Lake Sotkajärvi by road 93 from Hetta to Palojoensuu. Lake Sotkajärvi is a great bird wetland and many interesting sightings have been made there. Bird watchers have taken part in a bird sighting competition here on many occasions. A lean-to shelter has been built by the tower. The lean-to shelter and lower platform of the tower are accessible by wheelchair

Hetta Church

The church is located in the centre of Hetta Village in the municipality of Enontekiö. It was built in 1952 and is the municipality's sixth church (www.tosilappi.fi). It was designed by architect Veikko Larkas. The mural on the wall behind the altar was designed by the artist Uuno Eskola.

The Enontekiö Church. Photo: Juha Kalaoja

Go Geocaching 

In the Hetta area, you can go geocaching. Looking for geocaches in locations close to the village of Hetta, i.e. Jyppyrä Hill, the Yrjö Kokko Bird Watching Tower, and the peninsula of Lake Muotkajärvi (www.geocache.fi, in Finnish), could be the start of a fascinating pastime for the whole family.