Fell Lapland Visitor Centre for Teachers

Fell Lapland Nature Centre

Fell Lapland Visitor Centre's permanent and temporary exhibitions provide comprehensive understanding of the nature and culture of Northern Lapland.


  • Materials relating to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park are available here.
  • Materials relating to Fell Lapland Visitor Centre's exhibitions are available here (julkaisut.metsa.fi, in Finnish).
  • Please note that the nature conservation areas have restrictions regarding the collection of plants and the study of animals. Read the rules and regulations of the area.

Guided Nature-Themed Activities 

The Nestling exhibition is worth visiting with pupils. Photo: Juha Kalaoja

Excursion Tips

  • Jyppyrävaara Hill rises directly behind the nature centre. Jyppyrä Trail (1.6 km) leads to the top that offers excellent views over Lake Ounasjärvi and Pyhäkero.
  • Peurapolku Trail (2 km) introduces the history of hunting wild deer.


Facilities and Equipment

  • The 60-seat auditorium can be reserved for meetings and teaching purposes. The price is €25/hour and €150/day during nature centre opening hours, and €50/hour and €300/day at other times.
  • A separate conference facility for 10 persons. The price of the conference facility is €15/hour during nature centre opening hours. At other times the price is €25/hour or part of an hour.