Firewood situation poor in Evo

(Updated 27.10.2017)
Firewood situation is poor in Evo National Hiking area. Some of the campfire places have run totally out of firewood. It's recommended that people take their own firewood with them, or take along a camp cooker, if possible. We are sorry about the inconvenience. More firewood will be brought at the end of the year.

Floods in Keltaoja and Luutajoen Taimenpolku

(Updated 15.10.2017)
Due the weather and dams there might be some flooding in trails near the Lake Keltaoja and the nature trail Luutajoen taimenpolku.

Bridge under repair in Niemisjärvet

(Updated 15.10.2017)
The small bridge located between Niemisjärvet is under repair this fall. Due the repair the water path from Ylinen Niemisjärvi to Alinen Niemisjärvi is out of use. 

Wells in the Evo Camping Centres area are good to use

(Updated 17.6.2017)
Water in the two wells located in the Evo Camping Centre has been tested and proven drinkable. 

The Use of the Well at Onnin Maja Rental Hut Is Prohibited due to Contamination

(Updated 17.6.2017)
Coliform bacteria have been found in the water of the Onnin maja well and, for this reason, the water in the well must not be used. Instead, water can be fetched from the nearby Evo Centre. 

Please notice: 

(Updated 20.1.2017)
At Evo hiking area the dry toilet suitable for the disabled located by the Lake Niemisjärvi is temporarily out of use. Toilet will be fixed in the nearest future.

In the surrounding area of Onnin Maja Rental Hut light forest-treatment logging will be performed during the time period March 23rd to April 21st. Students of HAMK will perform the work as a practice. The treatment logging should not cause any significant disturbance to the Rental Hut guests.